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We have partnered with leading financing companies in UK to provide easy financing options to our customers. We are happy to provide free guidance to businesses on easy financing options. Most of our customers who have gained the benefits out of financing, rather than paying upfront, have hugely endorsed the following,

Customer benefits

Fixed payments- Budget Convenience

Unlike many overdraft facilities and high street bank loans that are subject to rate changes, a rental facility gives you the comfort of knowing exactly how much your payment will be as the rentals are fixed for the duration of the contract.

Preserve other credit facilities

The leasing option is completely separate from other bank facilities and provides an additional credit facility.

Equipment can be upgraded

This facility allows you to stay ahead of technological developments whilst also maintaining a healthy cash flow. As your requirements change simply add to or upgrade your existing equipment at any time during your agreement.

Valuable Tax advantage

Lease rentals are 100% allowable against pre −tax profits. In real terms a minimum of 25% tax relief is available therefore reducing the overall expenditure. Outright purchase not only ties up capital it also reduces tax deductible allowance.

It is important to remember - "Cash flow is the life blood of all businesses, large or small"

Leasing Myths

For free consultation and guidance on financing options please contact our Sales Team on  020 8 55 55 055.