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What is EPoS?

Electronic Point of Sales (EpoS) systems based on computers are the modern Point of Sale (PoS) hardware that accompanies a greater amount of software capability to handle point of sales operations in a very organised and speedy manner. Latest Epos systems provide everything you need on Point of Sales and these systems are no more considered to be sophisticated or high value equipments.

What is a Touch screen EPOS System?

Touch screen is the most modern system, which replaces the key board and the mouse. Touch screen helps Point of Sales operations to be faster and accurate. As all the buttons are created on the screen, user can handle number of transactions plus different mode of activities such as pay point, Lottery and top-up etc., at one time.

What is a Computer based POS System?

Computer Based POS (Electronic Point of Sale) comes with standard personal computer and other peripherals such as Printer, Scanner, and POS software. This can also provide a Point of Sales solution, with limitations depending on the type of hardware and the software you use.

Can I use the touch screen as a computer?

Yes, you can use a touch screen as a computer provided these are based on required operating systems such as Windows XP Professional and also ensuring reliability & failure rate.

What are the advantages of EPoS?
Do we have to pay for demonstration and Consultation?

No. Our services to the customer begins from the first point of inquiry and our staff is readily available to provide all consultations free of charge , regardless of your status whether you are an existing customer or not. We not only provide consultations but also arrange demonstrations at your site, enabling you to understand the system, at your convenience.

Are there any hidden charges in your pricing system?

Our pricing system does not include any hidden charges or any other monthly payments. We strictly follow the transparency of our pricing system and when we provide the quotation we try to elaborate all required information, enabling you to get the decision with out any doubt.

How quickly can you install EPOS systems?

We maintain maximum three working days lead time with in M25 area for installation, from the date of confirmation.

What is the installation process?
Can I get software support from your company?

We provide soft ware installation and technical support on case by case basis, mainly due to the fact that the hardware already installed may not be compatible with the software we provide. However, we are pleased to assist you if technical assessment is positive and subject to software test runs being undertaken.

Can this machine be linked with Chip & Pin?

Yes. Our partner, 'YESpay' provides chip and pin solution and we provide the pin pad and other peripherals required. Please call us for more details.

Can we link CCTV, Wireless Waiter pad to this system, Stock Taking devices and Weighing Scale?

All our systems are compatible with CCTV , Wireless radio ordering system or waiter pad, Stock Taking Device, Weighing Scale. Regarding CCTV, it is always advisable to coordinate between the CCTV supplier and us before you embark on those systems.

What is a Back office system?

Function of Back Office software is specific and aimed at a range of purposes ranging from stock controlling to proper accounting of stocks through customer oriented services such as maintaining loyalty systems, loyalty discounts, customer tracking etc. Additionally, Back Office software could also help manage records of staff attendance while maintaining certain security measures to minimise wastages and also provides remote access to the business through provisions of Internet.

How can I buy these systems?

We always offer very attractive prices and payment options which are available on staggered payment systems through easy financing facilities. We have partnered with prestigious Financing Companies and please go to Easy Financing page in our website, for more information.

What is your minimum response time?

We have a record of minimum response time for attending to client′s technical problems in-house at the customer′s premises and our 24/7 Technical support minimises interruption of businesses, thus making a happy customer base. Our Team is available on a single number 0208 555 5055 on 24/7 basis.

Can you provide on-line technical support?

We are very well equipped to provide technical support and these support services provided via telephone, broadband and dial up connection.

What more can you tell me?

We are a good Team and our main focus is quality and not quantity. We are readily available to assist you when ever we are needed. So, please call us or forward your inquiry via e mail or Fax. , we shall get in touch with you soon.