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Customer Care

Customer Care

The emphasis to Customer Centricity is one of the key factors that have led to success and dominance in the markets and sectors the Tillmax EPOS Systems operate in. This commitment is reflected in every action of the Tillmax EPOS Systems. Another value which links all the sectors within the Tillmax EPOS Systems is a strong `solutions’ based approach, which provides customers the added advantage of dealing with `the specialists’, however with the unique benefit of a single `point of contact’.

In many instances, customers perceive Tillmax EPOS Systems as a partner or an advisor rather than merely a vendor. The trust and bonds of relationships have grown from strength to strength, over the years, so much so, that perhaps every public or private organization, in the UK, is a Tillmax EPOS Systems customer!

The Tillmax EPOS Systems has invested in an nationwide service structure . The Tillmax EPOS Systems also operates a 24-hour, 365-day Call Center and is geared to respond to any eventuality. Tillmax EPOS Systems has set industry norms in service excellence and the increasing base of loyal customers is evidence that our service promise has been fulfilled.

The Tillmax EPOS Systems has set out in its `values’ the importance of customers and constantly reviews and encourages its staff to deliver a unique `Tillmax EPOS Systems Experience’ at every level of interface with the customer. Tillmax EPOS Systems is clear that the purpose of its existence is to delight customers.

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